manual upgrade / may we have an official guide

For the last two version of cs cart auto upgrade generated for me many trouble.

allegedly due to “server configuration”.

For the 207 update I was able to downgrade, and manually update by re installing CS cat and swaping db.

For the 208 it went really bad and i was not able to downgrade, I was able to fix some issue but i’m unsure the db upgrade was properly done.

I was really fan au the auto update but now I think that the old manual “upload to ftp + run upgrade script” was safer for some user.

I would suggest that CS cart team write a small guide on how to manually

I wold like too…

I tried to restaure 2.06 on clean 2.08… it’s impossible… Because DB is different.

Dont you know how can I upgrade manually the DB 2.06 to 2.08??