Manual Shipping Methods multi zones

I just lost my last hairs on this problem.

I use manual shipping calculation based on UPS and EMS prices. I’ve special prices for them that’s why I use manual system.

Let’s say I create Fast Delivery (UPS) and Normal Delivery (EMS)

I edit Normal and create EMS Zone 1, Zone 2, etc because EMS cut countries and price in specific zones. Then I do the same for Fast Delivery and UPS zones.

For example :

EMS Zone 1 : Hong Kong

UPS Zone 1 : Hong Kong, Macau

I select Normal Delivery, click on EMS Zone 1 and add a basic weight price of 10$ for example.

Then I select Fast Delivery, click on UPS Zone 1 and add a basic weight price of 15$ for example.

But as you probably know this won’t work because Hong Kong intersect in the 2 zones. So how can I have 2 different shipping methods for Hong Kong ? Create a Hong Kong destination only ?

If I use only one zone for both the system will think that EMS can deliver in Macau but it’s wrong. That’s only 2 countries but I’ve the problem with almost 50 of them, should I create 1 destination per country and prices for each ? It’ll take years …

Or Am I blind and I don’t see the easy way ? I really can use some help (I use version 1.3.5 sp4)

Thanks and sorry if I’m not really clear :slight_smile: