Manual Order Status Change = Loading... (nothing happens)

When I try to change the order status from the drop down menu from Open to Complete or Processed it gets stuck at the Spinning Loading… and nothing happens… I appears green as if its processed but when when i refresh no effect has taken place…

What could it be and how to fix it?

Check both your php error_log and the error console in your browser for errors.

[quote name=‘tbirnseth’]Check both your php error_log and the error console in your browser for errors.[/QUOTE]

I get :

500 Internal Server Error

What now?

Thanks for responding

that can be a tough one to figure out. You will probably need to put your Apache Log level to Debug and then look at what’s happening just before this error within the same site and php process. It will depend on what mode you are running PHP in, etc.

Basically what Apache is saying is that something seems to have gone away or far exceeded the configuration of the site and therefore it doesn’know what to do. This can be a connection timeout between PHP and Apache, or many other configuration problems. It means you (or you and your hosting provider) have more detailed investigation to do.

mod_security / suhosin.

Contact your host for a diagnosis.

Thank you all for your help.

The problem was that I didn’t apply chmod 777 to /var and its subfolders (it was to /var only)

I found out this because the Contact Form wasn’t working either and yield “No Permission”.

Now it works flawlessly

Sorry to resurrect an old post