Mandatory Item in cart

I have a few categories configured for our site. I need a way to make One product a must when any product form a particular category is put into the cart. Example:

We ship Frozen and Non-Frozen Items. Frozen items category and shipping requires that the customer add a product(Box Liner & Dry Ice) to their cart as this is the only way we can ship those items and keep them frozen. We are trying to stay away form adding to the price of the items as this will not solve the issue. So, if a customer adds Frozen Edamame and Frozen Beef to their cart, I want the cart to automatically add One of the pre-configured item to their cart also, and only one no matter how many frozen items is in that cart…the box and dry ice item.

How can this be done. I see that it can be done on a per product level but that will add may add too many of those required items to the cart. Can it be done on a promotional level? If so, can anyone offer help?

Thanks Forum

So, what you’re looking to do is have a single product mandatory if 1 or more items are ordered from a particular category. I’m not sure this can be done on a category level. I know it can be done on a product by product level with required products.

This might have to be a mod or something.

If I understand you well, this cannot be done on a category level but can be done on a product by product level…i.e, I can make a product required for another product and so on. But will that not put more of the required product in the cart if more than one of those products are selected?

If this requires a MOD…can you suggest someone that may be able to know how?

Or is there someone on the forum that can offer help and/or a solution without a Mod?

Thanks gginorio. You have responded to 3 of my threads lately and I truly appreciate your help and time.

I’d try in the “Hints & Modifications” forum. Ask if someone can build this.