Managing The Front Page

Hi All,

Just looking for some advice and any tips please.

At the moment, we are using dreamweaver to design our front page and then copying and pasting the codes into an html block. It consists of tables and images within them.

I’m finding this rather frustrating as sometimes the boxes are not aligned even though in dream weaver you cannot see the misalignment.

The top menu is 1164px wide. this means that if i have 3 images in one row of the table, i would have to calculate what widths these 3 images would have to be and then set the width to 100%. the next row could have 2 boxes equalling to 1164px but they end up being misaligned.

I’ve seen other sites where everything is nice and perfect.

Is there a better way to manage the front page by using any other methods?

Any hints and tips would be much appreciated.

Not sure how much of your front page you are designing in Dreamweaver but if you are doing it all then you could consider just making your Dreamweaver page the front page of your site.