Managing Internal Links

hi everyone,

I've got way too many links on my Cs Cart website and i can't find a way to change it or reduce it to keep up with the SEO requirements with out removing products. I have a drop down menu with categories which then includes sub categories which then has the list of products. Each product has it's on page and we have now got over 1300 items. All of these products are sharing the same links and obviously the latter products have most links.

The SEO tool I'm using is showing our home page with 1800 internal links to page and 199 links from page and the top menu links and main category pages are showing similar. The product pages are showing 3- 5 internal links to page and 250-300 internal links from page. I'm still a novice at this stuff but it is doing my head in. Hope I've made sense.

Our webpage is