Managing data streams.

Hi guys,

I have a client that is using CS-Cart and they are regularly importing new product data into their system.

The problem that they are encountering is that its very hard to manage conflicts between imported data and data that is currently in the system. Mainly because there is no direct correlation between id’s.

To solve this problem I am tasked with creating a system which allows them to take two cs-cart databases and compare them, then intelligently merge together.

Basically a version control system for the actual cs-cart data.

I wanted to get the thoughts of the developer community before I got too far into the project.

Are there any plugins or tools that might help with this? Suggestions?



You could use Winmerge or Easy Compare.


Thats cool. How would this work with the database though?

[url]Error | Navicat

does data compare and merges.