MALL add great other functions. Let's build it ^^

The mall function should be with these features. I think about all of flowing for 2 years.

  1. Every products should not be displayed in the same way. Such as Music and MP3 player. You will have a wish that the New product form should be just some of Necessary fields instead of lots.

  • Which Product list tpl will be used. It change the way we list products
  • Which Product detail tpl will be used. It change the way we show a product
  • Which Product Update tpl will be use. It change the way we update a product
  • Which Features Group are set as default with that product class. It change the way we select and add features to products.

    By this way, we can use our catalog system to show a lot of types of items. It likes Custom content cms

    Magento now use 6 product types, as Simple, Grouped, Virtual, Bundled, Downloadable, Configurable and Preselect Features Group to create Products.

    We easily archive that result with just one simple PRODUCT CLASS.

    Such as: to create a Virtual Product, with a Feature Group as Music, we create:
  • Group Features of Music as: Format, length
  • Product upldate tpl without stock control
  • Product detail tpl without stock
  • PRODUCT CLASS: Music store information about all above.

  1. Every categories should not be displayed in the same manner. It’s will be such a must have function to build up MALL FUNCTION

    The truth is I had been sucessful to assign a template to one category myself based on the demo bar function. Just add one column to Category Table and a little form to select from available skins in Category Update tpl. When a category is called, add information URL TPL base on DEMO BAR FUNCTION.

  2. Product Features and Filter should be richer, pls review PRICEGRABER.COM to see how they show features of a LAPTOP. I also want to add some more content than just: select box, check box, text. I want to add picture as features to compare views of 2 products, add file upload, download, video…

    I also wanna add icon for features. Such as a Samsumg TV have many nice icon as features for HDMI, SWIVEL, MOVIE PLus…

  3. Re build Configurable Product. Now we must add Product to steps manually, add Compatible Class to handle Configurable Product. Think about a site with 1000 mainboard can be chosen base on CPU choice ? Think about when we add 300 new mainboard and it should be at the steps 2 of configurable product but we must add it manually.

    The current Configurable Product system is not enough.

    I have SOLUTION.

    We now have a complete product features system, we use it to configure configurable products. Talk about a computer main board bundle with just 2 choices, CPU and MAIN.

    CPU has CPU Features Group as:

    Socket: AMD Socket 940/Intel Socket B 1366/Intel Socket H 1156/Intel Socket T 775

    Bus Speed: 1066MHz/1000MHz/800MHz

    Mainboard has Mainboard Feature Group as:

    Mainboard Socket: AMD Socket 940/Intel Socket B 1366/Intel Socket H 1156/Intel Socket T 775

    Mainboard bus Speed: 1066MHz/1000MHz/800MHz

    We find that CPU and MAINBOARD must have same socket type. We build a Configure Product as:
  • First choice: any product must have CPU FEATURE GROUP (it must be a cpu so it has cpu features group)
  • Second choice: any product must have MAINBOARD FEATURE GROUP AND MAINBOARD SOCKET must be the same as CPU

  1. Product COST. We need it for years.

  2. Now we build the MALL with all must haves above.

    Consider the structure





    |__CATEGORY A (HIDE) STORE A: (only visible in A.MALL.COM OR SHOPA.COM)

    |__CATEGORY A1

    |__CATEGORY A2

    |__CATEGORY B (HIDE) STORE B: (only visible in B.MALL.COM OR SHOPB.COM)

    |__CATEGORY B1

    |__CATEGORY B2

    The main idea is build multi store MALL just simple as a Normal CS CART with Categories and Each Categories have it own template.

    ONE STORE has it own product catalog and stock, templates, shipping methods, taxes, orders, customers… so we share what between multi stores ?

  • FIRST: logic codes. We dont need 100 separate system to run 100 shops

  • SECOND: products. HOW: Just like Placing product in a secondary category. We copy that function and add:

  • When SHOP A create a product, it is in root category of SHOP A, but the truth is IT IS IN CATEGORY A OF MALL.

    SHOP A owner wanna place Product A in ROOT/CAT1 (MALL.COM/CAT1) or SHOP B/CATB1 (B.MALL.COM/CATB1) to easily sell it, Or SHOP B owner Or MALL Admin wanna Display Product A on their site, he make a request to place with % commission.

  • When Product A is accepted to display. It show as normal product with infomation of suplier is Shop A. We also use Drop Shipping here.

  • When Product A order is placed, it automatically create 2 sell order: SHOP B OWNER buy from SHOP A, customer of SHOP B buy from SHOP B.