Maldet Scan Alert

I have had maldet alert today but dont seem to be able to see the flies in /sess_data directory, please see alert below


{HEX}php.cmdshell.cih.218 : /public_html/var/custom_files/sess_data/file_kzPQfF => /usr/local/maldetect/quarantine/file_kzPQfF.12969

{HEX}php.cmdshell.cih.218 : /public_html/var/custom_files/sess_data/file_xSRRlO => /usr/local/maldetect/quarantine/file_xSRRlO.12429

{HEX}php.cmdshell.cih.218 : /public_html/var/custom_files/sess_data/file_PFHXQW => /usr/local/maldetect/quarantine/file_PFHXQW.14595

{HEX}php.cmdshell.cih.218 : /public_html/var/custom_files/sess_data/file_oceA4R => /usr/local/maldetect/quarantine/file_oceA4R.12435

From info above it looks like they have been quarantined but Is it anything to worry about or false positives perhaps



You'd have to review the content of the files. That they were not created by cs-cart would make me pretty nervous.

yeah me too, thanks for the reply. I have checked the past 3 backups and the files arent there either. We have changed the maldet to alert and not quarantine for now so I can check any others if they arise. Ive done the usual password and ftp changes etc and am hoping I am not closing the door after horse has bolted.

Strange though, was gonna get your file change and checking addon but couldnt see it anywhere on your site, and thought Id put off contacting you until I installed a complete fresh v4.2* in a few weeks or 4.3 when it arises.

The EZ Admin Helper addon will provide you the info you need.