Making My Store Mobile Friendly

I don't know if there are any developers that are interested in helping to make my store mobile friendly.

Now the store is heavily modified and telling me to “switch to the responsive theme” is not going to work for me. I tried that and it did not port well.

I'm currently trying one of the mobile theme plugins from Cart-Power. The plugin seems quite good, but some of the site modifications are not working in it and I'm unsure how to get them working at this time.

Google prefers responsive layouts (although as an actual user, I think they are awful on a phone). I like how the mobile plugin works, but it may be best to just change the css on the current version to be fluid… but I tried myself to do this and I'm not succeeding well. I'm not the best with CSS though. I'm really just a CSS hack.

Basically, I'm looking for someone to convert my fixed width css to something fluid for mobile. Or to provide other ideas. About 40% of our site visitors right now are using mobile and struggling with the current site. The filters don't work well at all on mobile from a usability perspective.

I can't use Twigmo either… just before someone recommends that… my cart has been too modified.

Nobody? This would involve me paying you.

Hi wasootch,

We just have sent you a PM

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