Making Manufacturers Clickable

Ok, I’m kind of frustrated now.

I was able to get my manufacturers to appear on my product details page and even make them clickable. The problem I am having is that once the manufacturer is clicked the URL is changed.

The url for one manufacturer should be:


But after it is clicked once on the product details page it is changed to:


And I just get a 404 page.

To see what I have done you can go to:


Click on the Features tab and you will see.

How I managed this is I changed:



{elseif $feature.feature_type == "S" || $feature.feature_type == "E"}
{foreach from=$feature.variants item="var"}
{if $var.selected}{$var.variant}{/if}


{elseif $feature.feature_type == "E"}
{foreach from=$feature.variants item="var"}
{if $var.selected}{$var.variant}{$var.url}


{elseif $feature.feature_type == "S"}
{foreach from=$feature.variants item="var"}
{if $var.selected}{$var.variant}{$var.variant}{/if}

Maybe I am doing this the wrong way? Obviously something is messed up.

I sure would appreciate any help.

Thank you,


Hi Brandon,

you get it now?

Yeah, I got it. I’m not sure if there was a problem with the version I was running or conflicting code that I put in, but either way, when I upgraded to 2.0.12 everything was fixed.


also you mean put in the code above and it works? Have you an example link, that i see i mean the same issue?


Ahh ok here


but it is possible that only once time the Word is writing? “Milwaukee” that is directly linked?


Is it available on CS-Cart 3.x version?