making changes to CSS

im trying to use my_changes add-on to make changes to CSS. I saw this in one of the KBs, but i think im doing something wrong since it aint workin.

I created styles.base.css file in the skins/[CUSTOMER_ACTIVE_SKIN]/customer/addons/my_changes

Then added this change to logo-image class

.logo-image {

float: left;

margin-top: 24px;

position: relative;

z-index: 8;


Is this the way to go?

Well, you need a little more than that to make the My Changes addon work.

First, create a file called:


In that file put:

Then create a file called:


Put your styles into that style sheet.

Also, if you decide to use images in your styles, you’ll need to create a folder called:


Then put your images in there.

There probably is an intelligent way to explain what is going on by having these files like this, but I’m not sure how to do it. Maybe someone like tbirnseth can chime in on it.

He also has a great tutorial that explains the hooks. If you search around on the forum, I’m sure you will find it.

Hope that helps anyways.


thanks Brandon! got it to work :slight_smile:

Does anyone know how to hook changes to styles_ie.css?