Making a Side Box

Please see the attachment so you will better find what i am saying.

I want to make like this , extra one, how should i write the script and where ?.

Also i want to give some text and images while on checkout, so where should i was edit , in which file :neutral:


This was posted some time ago by snorocket. I hope it helps you.

{capture name=“sidebox”}

put all your super cool HTML here…like…I am SnoRocket, the fastest sled racer in world history. Reining champion forever and ever. If you don’t beleive me visit


{include file=“common_templates/sidebox.tpl” [color=red]title=$lang.mynewsidebox [/color]content=$smarty.capture.sidebox icon=“sidebox_icon_help.gif”}

You will also have to create a new language variable for your new side box.

Where to add these lines on which file and where ? , also how should i create a language variables. :confused:

Sorry. I assumed you had some knowledge of this. My bad.

Create a file using notepad and add the code. Save it as anyname.tpl. Use your own name for it but give it the .tpl extension(example: sitenews.tpl). The language variable you will create will be the title for this side box. So after creating the variable, put the name of the variable in your tpl where I have the red text in the post above. In other words you will replace ‘mynewsidebox’ with the variable you are going to create.

Now on to creating the variable. Open your admin control panel. Under the Administration heading on the top left, click on ‘languages’. Scroll down and where it says Add new item(s), In the Variable field put anything that you like (this is the text that will replace ‘mynewsidebox’ in the code of your tpl file.)

In the Value field put the name of the side box as you would like it to be seen. Click on the ‘add new’ button and close the Admin page…you’re done there.

Make the change in your tpl file and Upload that file to your skins/your skin/customer/side_boxes folder.

Last step. Now you’re going to add your side box to your site. Open your main.tpl and wherever you’d like the side box to appear, add this code:

{include file=“side_boxes/the name of your new side box.tpl”}

Of course the name of your new side box.tpl will actually be the name you’ve given it.

That should do it!

Thank you very much , i have created a new own side box, now i have only one question, i want to add a Live Chat Script on that box, so how should i do this and where ?. I think if you seen the CSCART Live Help Beta , than you seen that the one images was inside the box, so please tell me where should i make these images inside the box


{capture name=“sidebox”}

This is where you’d put your code like


{include file=“common_templates/sidebox.tpl” title=$lang.mynewsidebox content=$smarty.capture.sidebox icon=“sidebox_icon_help.gif”}

Thanks a lots, I have make a side box with image. :smile:

OK Doaky :slight_smile:

how should i change the width of the box, I hope you will help me again on this matter. :rolleyes:

please see on website the right side box width was small than left side box width

The side columns appear to be the same width, about 190 px. If you’re talking about the image size, that depends on the size of the original image. You would have to edit it in a graphic editor like Photoshop.

You might want to align that image in the center using: