Making A Block Display Only In The Homepage Header

I have this site where I want a banner gallery only on the Home page right under the top menu.

I know that I could enter the gallery in the Homepage layout in the layout block editor, but the background image will be messed up and not encompass the new homepage gallery.

I also know that I could make the image long enough (height wise) to spill over and encompass the gallery correctly for the homepage, but this will make all other pages have an extremely large header background image.

currently I have the banner gallery in the header with the appropriate background image. The issue now is that it appears on all of my pages.

Below is a link to my site so far…

Homepage (looks fine)

Products page (gallery is still in header)

Is there any function I can enter in the backend to recognize the Home Page and disable the Gallery Banner for all other pages.

I have tried entering

{if $controller =='index'} (code) {/if} in the

Templates > addons > banners > blocks> carousel.tpl and on the index.tpl but I could not get it to work.

Is there any way to make the banner gallery only display on the homepage despite it being in the Header section?

Thank You.