Making 1 or 2 items not available for cart quantity discount

So I have some cart discounts that are cumulative and aren’t item specific. So if a customer orders two items from the site they get a 10% discount. The problem is I have an item that is recommended and it’s only $5. So if the customer is smart and ordering $50 or more of products, it actually gives them that for free due to the discount. Or if it’s say $90, they are saving $9 so they are getting a $5 item for free plus $4 discount. Is there a way to make this one item not be figured into the cart discount? I have been creative on stuff like this using weight but wondering if there is an easier way?

Try to use the condition in the promo, “where products = NOT IN”

So I think I tried that at some point but this creates a different problem. If the customer adds other products that should qualify for the quantity discount it doesn’t give it to them if I set it up that way. So if they add 2 of something that qualifies for the 10% discount they get it. But if they add this product that doesn’t qualify too, they don’t get any discount even though they still should due to it being 2 products that qualify (and one that doesn’t).

Does that make sense? I essentially still want the quantity discount to apply but the discount shouldn’t automatically not work just because the odd item has been added to the cart. I think this is where it gets complicated and I can’t seem to figure out the formula to make it still work but have the odd item be not counted as a quantity item.

the promotion shouldnt affect the product quantity discounts on the product as far as Im aware?

It definitely does since I tried it. And I can see why; because the logic used is telling the cart not to apply the discount if that specific product is added to the cart. So the cart simply thinks that since that product is in the cart, turn off the discount.