Make Update Of Product Inventory

I need an addon to update products inventory (quantity) by searching the product by sku or by name, with autocomplete suggestions, and in the input field of qty to add only qty which is on the invoice, and after pressing enter the amount introduced to be added (sum it up) to amount from database.

Example: If I have in database 5 pcs. and on invoice from my supplier I have 20 pcs., then after I complete the input field with 20 and pressing enter, the total amount from db will be 25.

The same if I want to decrease the qty in db (in this case the filled amount will be negative and will be subtracted from db)

Thank you, Josh.

If you are familiar with Microsoft Excel and Access it is easy to create a DB that you export products from website to and create a simply update QTY Query then import it back to website. Once you have made it you can just use over and over.

This is how we handle say for example a particular manufacturer price increase, saves loads of time.



Thank you, but I don’t want to use any other tools.