Make "today" Default In Dashboard > Home

Dear members,

Please check this image:

Now I will tell you about this, every day I log in and I change the stats from monthly to Today. When I log out and log in again, it changes back to monthly statistics in Admin dashboard> home.

Is there a way that I can make the sales stats from monthly to today as a default for all the admins?

So whenever they log in they will only see Todays stats on the homepage even If they log out and log back in it won't change.

In app/controllers/backend/index.php

Change the line:

$time_period = DateTimeHelper::getPeriod(DateTimeHelper::PERIOD_MONTH_AGO_TILL_NOW);


$time_period = DateTimeHelper::getPeriod(DateTimeHelper::PERIOD_TODAY);

Or a better (uptrade independent) method is to create the file:


and have it contain:

This should set the REQUEST parameter 'time_period' to TODAY when it's not set and this is the home page. It should be picked up as if it were passed as part of the URL.

Not tested but low risk.