Make the short description longer

does anyone have a way to make the short description longer ?

I could leave mine blank and pickup the first few lines of the main description but the problem is most main description start with the same text leaving only a few words of the actual product.

The table field for product short_description is set to mediumtext so it should accept up to 16,777,215 characters…

[quote name=‘S-Combs’]The table field for product short_description is set to mediumtext so it should accept up to 16,777,215 characters…[/QUOTE]

Well the are two short descriptions that are used arn’t there.

The one you enter in the product details and if thats empty it picks up the full description and shows about 300 chars of that.

I quite like the idea of not bothering to enter a short description but the is no point saving that effort and time if most of your full discriptions show the same text for the first few hundred words or indeed any text not relivent to the item.

Maybe be a better idea to put “search terms” in that space I suppose.

how to make the description in product list longer?

Requires template modifications. Search for where short_description and full_description are used. Normally you will find it has a modifier to limit it to a particular length. Remove the modifier or increase the integer for the length.

thanks tb, change the integer is it in mysql or somewhere in template?

cause i cant find in mysql. thanks

Please read the response.


Requires template modifications.


In skins/your-skin/customer/common_templates/product_data.tpl

You should have:

{$product.full_description|unescape|strip_tags|truncate:160}{if !$hide_links && $product.full_description|strlen > 180} {$lang.more}{/if}

Just change the 160 to something different. You might also need to change the 180, but I'm not sure.

Also, this code is for 2.2.1, but it should be similar to the other versions.

Hope that helps,


thanks a lot brandon, you just saved me HOURS of work :)


You bet. I actually didn't realize it was you asking for the help. I just read Tony's, uhm, solution and thought I might elaborate a little bit.

Hope it did what you wanted.



Beautiful, thanks! I was looking for that too, and being new here I wouldn't have had a clue where to look in the templates.