Make The Search Bar Longer At The Top

Take a look at

I have the “Guick Search” enabled.

I would like to have that search bar go all the way to the cart icon.

I see it is currently at 300px, but not sure where to change it.



I think your search bar was already on better width.

In google chrome I can right click on it and click inspect element… i can change it in their to another width but it shows no file path… do you know where I can get to it in template editor…

Who did your skin, maybe they might know.

You actually have some code in there that I'm not familiar with. Did your designer add something or is it an addon?

I'm not sure what type of editing software you have on your computer, but I know Dreamweaver could figure this out easy enough. If you have Dreamweaver, just search your entire “site” for:


If you find that section of code, you should be in the right file.

Also, you could try just browsing under:




Or maybe:


Hope that helps,