Make the price display like the options?

I would like to make my price display like my options (but still have the number and dollar sign bold). Basically, I need to split up the “Price:” from the actual price. I see that the category pages just show the number… but I can’t find where that “Price:” gets added.

Here are what my options currently look like (it’s for a doll):

Options Image

I want the price to fit in with everything else, so the “Price:” is that small gray but still have the number that bold pink at the same distance as everything else.

I would also love to center the options titles, like “Reward Points,” etc., vertically in the div… but I don’t know how possible that is since the height depends on what type of options it is.


If I’m correct, you want to add another row to this form. In that row would be the actual price (base price + options). You would like it to look the same as the rest of the options (name on the left, price on the right and border on the bottom).

Is that correct?

Yes, that is right.

I can’t seem to find the code that shows just the price. I am not sure exactly what is adding that “Price:” to it. Either I am blind (likely) or it is buried in the script.

This looks like it would be a simple addon.

You’d just show “Price” as a static field above the options and move the actual price field to the end of the details options list.

The options list and price list are all created in this template:


The price is created at this hook

{hook name="products:prices_block"}

The options are populated at this hook:

{hook name="products:product_option_content"}

Ahh, thank you!! That is what I was looking for - I’ll go see if I can make it work now :D.