Make new registering customer automatically go into a specific user group

Is it possible to make all people that register online to go into a specific user group of my choice? I don’t want them to choose. I just want them to automatically be assigned to that group. Then if I need to, I can change them manually later.

I don’t need a menu option on my admin side for this. I just need to tweak the file that controls new people registering. I want them to go to the user group Customer.

I would appreciate any help!

Hello, it isnt possible in the default cs-cart. This must be extra coded that it works. I will be happy if cs-cart do this in future features…

I submitted it for a future feature. I was hoping that someone had an idea how to do that now. I really need this for my business.

I used to know how to do it in version 1.0. They changed everything in 2.0. I just need to know what file to go to that controls when someone registers and code it something that will change their membership to one of mine that I choose.

Please help! Thanks!