Make "My Account" Block Only Appear for Logged Users

One of the standard blocks is “My account”, which shows links for viewing orders, requesting returns, etc. I would like to have this block only appear for logged-in users. Anyone know an easy way to do this (by wrapping the block in a conditional statement, for example)?

I’m on v2.1.2

Do just as you said. Go to the skins//customer/blocks/.tpl and simply wrap it in an

{if $auth.user_id}
the block code

That did the trick. Thanks for the help, Tony.

Any suggestion for Version 4.0 and above @tbirnseth

Well I tried and its the same. only thing is the template in block selector drop down displays the same name as "My account " even though the name is "my custom account.tpl "

“My account” is a language variable. You need to change it in the Admin.

Its the name shown in the template selector. If there is no name defined it suppose to show _my_custom_account some thing like this. (done my own template file before) but dont know why this shows like this, by the way there is only one My account template shown in the drop down.

Strange part is the old My account block with My account template works like normal and my custom block with My account template works like how I want it to be.

I didn't alter any thing because I got what I need.