Make mobile app as standalone Saas offer

I’m suggesting that Cs-cart releases the mobile app as a standalone Saas product option for both multivendor and single shop purposes, then dedicate a team that will improve it regularly.
Some entrepreneurs don’t have resources for dev teams or time to maintain both Cs-cart websites in addition to apps, but they would pay just for top notch Saas mobile app versions only.
Right now the Cs-cart mobile app is underdeveloped in functionality and aesthetics in contrast to its web version counterpart, and it’s been like that for years.
Make the mobile apps powerful, beautiful, up to date and standalone with a nice price such as $30 per month for single shop and $70 per month for multivendor. Then offer options to add web versions anytime if one has a licence for the web. Rather than charging thousands just so one can have an outdate app that will cost them further tens of thousands to enhance and maintain.