Make Me Switch From X-Cart 4.1.x Quick!

Hi guys, you got a few hours to have me switch from X-.cart to CS-cart. Please convince me. Here's a post from X-cart support, which made me from X-cart Lover to Wanna-Goaway (some domain names have been replaced with "domain" in the x-cart's response). At first I was mesmerized by X-cart 5 Business DEMO with all the icons and free stuff in there and I was using 4.1.X version for 12 years now, but ... I hope you can notice what went really wrong here which made me quickly cnsider to abamndon x-.cart and lost confidence in x-cart support:

Dear Tom,

As I can see, when I visit the below URLs:

It redirects to https:// for example:

Please check it again.

However, if the redirect is still not working properly for you, could you please clarify - what browser type and version you use?

Look forward to your reply.

Thank you,

P.S. The store is incorrectly redirecting (I think I found the problem!), take a look:
The above URL is NOT redirecting. Please repair it.

Examples of different behaviour: = SERVER NOT FOUND = YOUR CONNECTION IS NOT SECURE (same problem as my store!) = YOUR CONNECTION IS NOT SECURE (must either redirect or to say server not found, right?) = redirects normally! The difference is perhaps "s" in the https/http? should redirect with and without the "s" in the https. I think that is what the problem is... and the professionals could not catch this? Oi vei...
AND THEN if I type: = it redirects OK too
Problem perhaps or most likely is in incorrect coding on X-cart or incorrect SSL installation?!

Please fix, thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Sxxxxx Fxxxx,
Chief support group engineer