Make me an offer button

Why not have a button for inventory merchant wants to clear that gives option to buyers to make an offer. Administrator can enter in paramaters for the lowest price they are willing to accept. System would spit out an accept/decline message.

Thats a good idea, I would have liked it in my old dvd store.

As I didn’t have many orders/customers I got around it by copying/modifying the send to friend section so it just emails me their offer. If I liked the offer I’d make a coupon and email it to them.

But it would be better to be automated so it gets my vote too.


I like the manual coupon idea of recedo much better… Having a set price in the system would just allow everyone to keep trying till they found it so it defeats the whole idea. Manual offers may supprise you on occassion with much better than expected profits.

Sounds like a VERY good idea, since my products don’t have a shelf price I’m sure to benefit lol

Yes this would be great for anyone who sells Used products of any kind.

[quote name=‘S-Combs’]Yes this would be great for anyone who sells Used products of any kind.[/QUOTE] My autoparts are brand new but all the same, there’s more of a profit margin on second hand products to begin with anyway.

after 8 years there are not still a solution to do this? :confused:

Wish there was.

if there are more people interested on this we could hire someone and split costs.

Really would not be that hard to do now. There is an option to allow people to enter their own price. Could just do it that way.