Make HTML Editor Default

Ok, I really like the two WYSIWYG editors and the option to be able to select between the two, but why did CS-Cart not leave the HTML editor as an option?

I know you can press the button to change to HTML, but that is just one more step if you want to just add HTML.

Ideally there would be three options for the editor. The two WYSIWYG editors and the HTML editor. Does anyone know what it would take to add the HTML editor as an option? Shoot, I'd even be willing to pay for this option even though it should be by default from CS-Cart.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them.



Huh? Are you talking about switching between the source and the editor? If so, I like being able to enter my info (in the source) before editing in the editor because the editor adds a bunch of unneeded code if you enter your info there.

Basically the same thing.

In all of the previous versions the default editor was just the HTML editor. You actually had to click on the WYSIWYG link to switch to the visual editor. Now it is the complete opposite. No the visual editors are the default and you have to click on a link to make it the HTML editor.

I just want an option so that I can have the old editor by default if I want. For some of the things I do, the visual editors just don't work very well.



I don't have the answer, but I google “CK editor source mode” and came out a page with some info:

[url=“CKEDITOR.editor - CKEditor 3 JavaScript API Documentation”][/url]

{String} mode
Since: 3.0
The current editing mode. An editing mode is basically a viewport for editing or content viewing.
By default the possible values for this property are "wysiwyg" and "source".
Defined in: plugins/editingblock/plugin.js.

alert( CKEDITOR.instances.editor1.mode ); // "wysiwyg" (e.g.)

So there must be a plugin.js file to edit that value. I'll try to post the question on the forum.

Thank you Colortone, that gave me something to start on.

I ended up figuring how to make the source be on when the editor starts up.

In lib/js/ckeditor/ckeditor.js

You should have some code like:


Just change it to:


This works and all, but I'd still way rather have it as an option in the admin.

Any ideas?



WYSIWYG editor and the Html editor both are of different in nature and use. I think better for you working with html editor. Because WYSIWYG is used only for the visuals. Use WYSIWYG when you need to change the visuals rather then connected content.