Make HTML default when subscribing to newsletters

Is there any way of making HTML the default format, rather than text, when people are subscribing to the newsletters? Most times I don’t think they realise they have a choice.

This is for Version 2 - not sure how to find out which one but it’s not the latest version but the one before that.

To find out your CS-Cart version, please follow the instructions here: [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

To make the “HTML format” default:

  1. Open the “subscribe.tpl” file located in the “skins/[CUSTOMER_ACTIVE_SKIN]/customer/addons/news_and_emails/blocks” directory of your CS-Cart installation, where [CUSTOMER_ACTIVE_SKIN] is an active skin of your storefront;
  2. Replace this part of code:

with this one:

3) Save the file.

Thank you so much. I think some people don’t realise they have a choice as all subscribers have chosen the text version.

So simple but I didn’t really know where to look.

Thanks again.

Is it really even important to continue offering a text email option anymore in 2011?

I don’t remember how I did it (it’s somewhere on the forum) but I just deleted the entire choice.