Make Forbidden Options Disappear

When a particular combination of options is 'Forbidden', the 'Forbidden' option is grayed out to let the customer know they don't have that choice open to them. For example, if I choose 'Handle #1" the next option would be the color for that handle. If I choose "Handle #2", that handle has no color option so I would like it to disappear.

The alternate to this would be to have options 'Appear' only when a related option is selected. In the example above, the 'Color' option will not be visible unless the customer first selects 'Handle #1".

Is it possible to have the forbidden option disappear instead of it being grayed out?

What do you have in Settings -> General -> Exception style ?

The Exception Style setting is 'Hide Exception'. The way I interpret the user manual section for this setting, it should make an illegal combination disappear. If it's not disappearing, could it be a flaw or could I be interpreting the manual incorrectly?

(copied below straight from the manual)

Exception style - The way the system must handle product option exceptions (illegal combination of options:) hide illegal combinations or just show a warning message saying that the chosen combination is illegal and cannot be ordered.

Try to contact CS-Cart support team with this issue

Thanks eComLabs. The support team is looking into this issue as well as another. Seems our version has a few problems. Thankfully nothing preventing sales.