Make Content Full Length

How do I make the menu and the yellow box (A banner) touch the edge of the screen?

Thank you in advance.

Set the various margin properties to zero in css.

All the css are in styles.less right? Or where should I change those margin properties for the Main Menu and etc? I'm using my_changes and currently, but I do not know which one to change.

And I can't seem to find styles with xxx-grid user-classes. Where are they located?

Suggest you right-click the object and let chrome (or other) debugger tell you what classes to change. Then you can override those styles.

Thank you for that information. Are all the classes located in styles.less or is there another file with styles?

Depends on your theme. There can be several. But if you're using a then it shouldn't matter where the original is since you will be overriding those properties in your local version.

I'm using the responsive theme. So styles.less is the only file I need to override? And by override you mean using !important? Some classes are not in styles.less when I use the find function in my editor.

For example, I can't find class=“row-fluid” and “header-grid”

When I try to look for top-menu-grid, all I see is the top-padding. There are no margins associated with the class.

No, what I meant by 'overriding of a class' is to have your own stylesheet (less or css). It will be loaded last so any classes/properties you have there will override the definitions from styles.less. If you right-click in the margin you want to change and then “Inspect element” you should be able to see the class/property being used.

Thank you for your assistance once again. I've changed the container-fluid padding to 0 and I got what I wanted.

However, how can I change the container-fluid for only certain parts of the website? This is my last question. Sorry for the loads of noob questions and I really appreciate it.

Generally those are global throughout the site. You can always add custom classes to the grid objects and then have your css/less manipulate those classes.

I figured everything out, thank you.

Also please note that in default theme maximum width is limited with 1200 px. It can be changed in the layout properties.