Make an offer feature

We are about to start work on a project involving a furniture consignment company. They will be selling furniture on consignment with each product having a listed price. However, since it is a consignment company, one of the features we need is the ability to allow users to 'make an offer' on the item. Is there currently a module available for this?

SnoRocket did one, called 'Reserve Price' but I guess it's no longer available. You could try contact SnoRocket to see what the status is, otherwise, there are a multitude of recommended (not personally, haven't used them) developers including Alt Team, CS-Cart Rocks, etc.

You could always just make use of the Product Inquiry addon which you could tailor to your needs.

Admin settings, zero price action…allow customer to enter own price if price is zero.

Dont know how this fits with your stock control or whatever but may suit.


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Thanks everyone for their post. I checked out the Snorocket module and its not really what I'm looking to do. I envision a 'make an offer' feature similar to what eBay has on their site.

  1. There is a current price associated with the product which the store owner would like to sell it for.
  2. In addition to the set price, there is a 'make an offer' button which allows the user to submit one offer to the store owner at which point it is email to the store owner. The store owner can then 1) accept offer 2) counter with another offer or 3) decline the offer from the user.

    So that the owner can get back in touch with this user, I am thinking we would need to collect their email or phone in addition to the 'make an offer' price from the user.

Hello, vqcdesigns!

We are ready to develop such a feature for you. Please, consider our custom development service. Contact us directly if you are interested.

Best regards, Alt-team