Make an admin function available WITHOUT logging in


I want to make available the following admin function

admin.php?dispatch=order_management.products (create a new order)

available from URL say secret.php but without requiring the admin to log in.

Where do I place the hook functions for this ?


Take a look at one of the payment provider files in ‘payments’ directory.

But I would strongly caution you against this. Why do you want someone to have admin privilige without authenticating them? Seems like a formula for abuse.


I got the hint and now know how to disable authentication checking.

Can you also please let me know how I would make the particular admin function like for e.g admin.php?dispatch=order_management.products (create a new order)

available in a separate php file like say secret.php

This file secret.php will be protected by other means like .htaccess or IP based restrictions etc and the main objective is to provide only the create a new order function for this file secret.php