Major image problem..lost forever?

Hi everyone,

Well, I’ve had better days.

So long story short…while transfering files for a 2.0.10 - 2.0.12 upgrade, I lost probably 2000 images from the. /images/ directory. This specifically includes the subdirectories /images/thumbails/, /images/product/, images/detailed/ and images/category/. All of the files in these directories are needed. So I contacted Cyberlnce…which are great by the way…I asked if they could restore these files from last week. They said they did but sill short many images.

Just wondering if since these files were from the 2.0.10 version would they not be compatible for some reason with the 2.0.12 upgrade? It’s like I have the requested files but they’re just not showing up.

Kind of lost and lots of heartache here…any help would be greatly appreciated

The problem took place while backing up and then transferring the files.



Image is image. No compatibility issues. Squeeze them harder to restore your files 100%.

It’s hard to believe that your hosting company doesn’t have good backups of your directories…that really sucks. I would consider another hosting company if that’s the case.

I need to clarify things a bit.


Norman you’re correct…sqeezing is what I will do. Doesn’t help matters that I contact my hosting at 15 min till closing. They did restore most and I’m sure they can restore the rest Monday.


I got great hosting it’s just I m an idiot…you can’t fix stupid. I need to go back to school for this stuff. No business messing with this stuff myself. I just can’t help it, ha.

And 3rd

I appreciate the help of my hosting responding to my ticket within 5min and 15min before the weekend started. CyberLnc has treated us very good and I will remain a customer for life. Thank you David and thanks for being so helpful.


Problem will be solved and thanks for everyone’s help.

Again…not hosting…it’s me. Trust me!


It’s hosting if they don’t have a day old backup of your directory…sorry but that’s just a basic offering of any good hosting unless your directory has been jacked for a few weeks.

Well here is the deal. They provided an image restore and merged all my images of all my requested days, a week before my problem and even two days after and I’m still left without 150 images. Better than missing 1500 but still why?

I notice that when I click on one of my images that does exist, that when I click to enlarge in the light box, it will show the main image any secondary images but always on everything product an image of a Pencil like graphic?

Anyway, I think if we can fix whatever is causing this to happen on all my products with images, then perhaps this might fix the 150 or so broken links. Kind of a weird thing but it’s got to be on our side as everything has been restored for the past two weeks. Frustrating…


This all started when we backed up, performed a clean install of 2.0.12 from 2.0.10 and transfered the files to the new version. Except the image files for whatever reason didn’t backup. Im guessing that we caused some kind of problem in the process. We also created a test site. Any ideas as I know I haven’t really narrowed anything down?