Major bulk product edit problem, all users included

Since a lot off writing to cs cart technical support with a problem that accures with bulk edit, i got an answer that it might be a problem with my cs cart installation, or setting on our a dedicated server.

the problem is that if i add 50 products in bulk option, it saves some times all of them and sometimes skips a few products and saves 47 out of 50

some times it saves 150 out of 150 and some times 60 out of 65

so in o order it saves all or skips a few

Here is a video of whats happening


After weeks of testing bulk product edit, changing servers, instaling new cs cart, and a lot of unsleeped nights, i went to the cs cart demo store and added 50 test products, and it saved 47 out of 50

so now i know that the problem is not anything else but CS CART, am curently using 3.0.3 but also the problem accures on 3.0.4

I will like to ask all of cs cart users to test and confirm this problem

You can create a test group add 50 test products in it with a longer names… name them with numbers at the end

example: Samsung I9300 Galaxy s3 - protective case 1

Samsung I9300 Galaxy s3 - protective case 2

… Samsung I9300 Galaxy s3 - protective case 50

save it, if it saves 50 try again, i didn’t get it all saved 3 times in a row, it will skip some products

the problem is when adding more than 40 products at a time, some times even with 30, the problem didnt accure when adding up to 20, but the best is to test with 50

So if this is appearing to other cs cart users, please write the issue so it can be solved as soon as possible

Who knows how many products you added and don’t even know that they haven’t been saved.

OK with me, on 3.0.4 import via chrome as .csv file with comma as seperator.

imported 100 rows



100 - 2.JPG

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OK with me, on 3.0.4 import via chrome as .csv file with comma as seperator.

imported 100 rows



it works with .csv file, but try adding throught admin panel bulk addition option, you have a video how am adding them, am not getting problems over csv file than it imports 500 out of 500 with no problem

Sorry couldnt get video to work ( stroke/ couldnt be bothered / have time to wait so long for crappy file share service )

you dont have to wait, just click dowload :)

Dont have time right now to add 1 by 1 in bulk edit, will try later though, why dont you use .csv, much better for me.


its better when adding a lot of data at once, but if am adding 30 new products, its much quicker to go into bulk adding