Maintaining Current Temporary Home Page

We just upgraded from the free version to the multi-vendor license. Before we got the multi-vendor license, we worked on developing the site on a subdirectory of our domain ( and put up a temporary (non CS-Cart) home page that allows customers and vendors to register their information with us before the site launches (see for the temporary home page).

So 4 questions if anybody knows:

  1. Can we use our new multi-vendor license on the same subdirectory of the site that we've been using with the free version of CS-Cart so that we can finish the development work all in the same place and then later move everything to the root level of the domain once the site is ready to be published? Or do we have to install it on the root level domain only?

  2. If we must install it on the root level domain, does that mean we've lost all the development work we've done using the free version of CS-Cart and have to start from scratch? Or is there a way to integrate what we've already done into the multi-vendor license version?

  3. If we must install it on the root level domain, how can we keep our current (non CS-Cart) home page so that we may continue collecting future customers' information?

  4. If we cannot keep our current home page and must use the CS-Cart “under construction” home page that is activated once we turn the store off, is there a way we can set the “under construction” home page to automatically redirect/forward our visitors to another site or page on our site?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.