Main banner image position

I’m using 3 main banners and want to be able to select which one shows first when my site is opened. Where do I select the order of image rotation or default opening banner?

Which version of the cart? These steps should be the same in V2.2.X and V3 anyway…

Design > Blocks > Select 'Homepage' tab

Click the settings icon on the Main Banners block. Click the Content tab. As default this is set to show Newest. You can change this to Manual and manually select which banners to change, giving a value in the Position field to control how the order the banners are displayed.

Alternatively, if you don't want to mess around with blocks, go to Website>Banners, for the banner you want to show first, click Edit and set the Creation Date to the most recent date and the third/last banner to the oldest Creation Date.

Thank you!