Mailchimp Add-On

Here’s my issue. I want to use mailchimp and synchronize my mailing list with the api feature, but when i enable the mail chimp addon (Email marketing), it disables the “newsletters and news” addon, making it impossible for Mailchimp to sync the subcribers. So what is the point of the “Email marketing” addon if it doesn’t keep your subscribers synced and also disables the “subscribe” feature in the storefront? Am I missing something?

Also, it disables the “News” feature of cs-cart. I hate saying this, but that is just completely dumb! I can’t use newsletters (with mailchimp) and display news on my website together? What?!

I apologize if I’m missing something and completely wrong on this, but I’d love to get someone’s opinion or solution on this.


I think the CS-Cart Mailchimp addon is just a very basic one-time sync of your subscribers to your Mailchimp account. If you want something more full-featured you will have to use something like EZ Merchant's Mailchimp addon.

Mailchimp Integration

I use this. It works great.

This addon works with the Newsletters Addon of CS-Cart. No dependency on the Email Marketing addon

Thanks for the help guys!

Dear Friends,

I would like to inform you that we have developed the MailChimp Advanced add-on. It allows to create unlimited mailing lists, eye-catching and user-friendly sign-up forms and pop-ups.