made to order items and payment


My store sells items made to order. So a customer is required to make a 50% deposit to activate their order and the balance is due when the items are ready to ship 4 weeks later.

I need to be able to record the 50% deposit payment and the customer needs to be able to see this when they login and view their order online. So they are able to tell what their balance is.

Is it possible to achieve this?

Many thanks


Recurring billing?

For example. A customer buys a bed - this bed takes 4 weeks to manufacture for them. They need to pay 50% and then the other 50% before we ship. I used to use Drupal/Ubercart where a customer could do this and login to the site and view their order where it would say what their balance was. But I cannot seem to find how to do this now.

HAve you checked addons>recurring billing, this seems to do what you need.