LyteBox mod, I work, rest and play in boxes.

This is better than lightbox and easer to install, it also comes with many themes, grey, red, green, blue, and gold. and with more images for (Prev, Next, Close, and more) will post later with any issues.

Ok, product configurator is not 100% with this mod, but Options and exceptions work fine, I cannot test reward points, because they do not work on my local setup with PHP 5.2.5 and MySQL 5.0.51a

OK upgraded to PHP 5.2.6 and MySQL 5.0.51b and the reward points work fine and also work with this mod

[COLOR=Red]This mod has been updated. 07/08/08[/COLOR]






thanks zandros…this and the zoom mods sure look good…cant wait to see how it appears on my site.

The title of this thread reminds me of this:

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Just when I thought they couldn’t get any stupider. Let me get this straight, you two ordered a giant-screen television just so you could play in the box?


Hi Matt, that sounds about right. :rolleyes:

Lytebox posted, have fun.

Thank you Zardos for this great mod.

I have installed your other Mod Ultimate Shadowbox and it worked well except for option images, so I tried this one and it works with option images .

The images need to go into the skin’s images directory not the root images directory like with you Shadowbox mod it was not clear in your instructions…

Also I found changing the maxOpacity to 60 or 50 looks much better and setting the doAnimations to false loads the image much faster on slower pcs.

Other than that it works very well and I have Reward points Enabled.

Thank you for your continued contribution to this community. I do appreciate all you do.

[quote]Other than that it works very well and I have [COLOR=Red]Reward points Enabled[/COLOR].[/quote]Hi gasngrills, thankyou and your welcome.

Another very nice mod from zardos.

Tested on localhost, works fine.


Hi ThomH, Thanks for testing on localhost.

don’t forget to wrap the scripts in the below tags, without this the mod wrecks havoc on the checkout process:

{if $content == "product_details" || $content == "products"}

Whoops!! thanks snorocket, keep forgetting that bit. Now included in instructions. :rolleyes:

Sorrie, im kinda new here…how do i use the file? as in, where should i place it?

Thanx! ^^

Hi Cheapboh, there are instructions to read, that tell you what to do.

:confused: Ive followed the instructions to the letter and it still has no effect!!! Im a bit worried i havn’t got the image.tpl in the right place. Im really new to cs-cart and im not sure where everything is yet. I can post up any links and stuff you might want to see. This is such an amazing effect and id really like to get it to work. It just opens as usual.

Can someone whos done it and made it work maybe offer some advice…


Hi Dan

You can only use one or the other “fancyZoom or Lytebox”. Let me know if you still have trouble.

I’ve tried this, but with no luck whatsoever!!

I’ve never added a mod before. Should it show up on my admin side? Should I put the js. scripts in admin of customer?

Works with SP4

great m8 thanks A+++++++++

I’ve followed the instructions to the letter too and no effect :frowning:

I edit file index.tpl - /skins/basic/customer/index.tpl

  • edit file product_options.tpl - /skins/basic/customer/products_pages/product_options.tpl
  • edit file exceptions.js - /classes/scripts/exceptions.js
  • copy image.tpl in /skins/basic/customer/common_templates
  • add the lytebox.js scripts to /classes/scripts/
  • add the lytebox.css to /skins/basic/customer

    Is it true?

    Thanks a lot for help

I tried to establish all possible mods, but it does not work. help please

CS Cart v1.3.5 sp3