Lost on how to upgrade and how much it will cost. Please advise. :)

I would like to upgrade to the current version of CS Cart. I am currently still using 3.06. Do I have to pay $385 to upgrade like it says on this page ([url=“Prices - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor and Shopping Cart”]https://www.cs-cart.com/compare.html[/url])? Or is this price only for people who don't have CS Cart at all? What is the upgrade fee? Can someone point me in the right direction?

If your license is valid you can simply upgrade.

Ok thank you Flow. How much does it cost? And where do I go to do it?

Log in to your CS-Cart Helpdesk account and check your Licenses. There will be an Expiration date. This date is the date you have a support contract for, which enables you to receive support and upgrades. You can upgrade free of charge provided you are within your license support contract dates. Otherwise there is a link in the Help Desk to allow you to purchase another year at a reduced price.

Thanks Stellarbytes for explaining! :)