Lost Images

Hi All, I have just done a DB restore as i seriously screwed up on my pricing trying to adjust the TAX content on the products however now I appear to not have many of my images. They are visible over ftp the CHMOD is 777 on the relative directories however the cs-cart has lost the image url on many products and their detailed image too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

try re import your data via csv for the images.


When you load a page, what does it show as a broken url vs what it should be? Does it show the icon saying something that product pic is not available?

I have some of the images back as imported via the csv method but check out this url, the thumbnail doesnt match the detailed pic. It’s like this on MANY of my products atm



When importing the images did you use thumbnail column and detailed image column…if so just use detailed image column, keep thumbnail column empty and let csc create the thumbnail from new, also make sure you have something in the last column of each record of the your csv file. I use the A for active status column at the end


okay, thats cool, however for some reason why do i have more pictures in the thumbnail column when i export than I have detailed images. Also I want to completely redo the images attached to the products and clean up all the folders. However i noticed a discrepancy with the files in images/pictures/detailed being many .png’s however the images/backup/detailed many are all .jpg’s I have no idea how im gonna do this. :frowning:

just re import your data with all the images filled in the detailed column only as you want them, any thumbs will be overwritten and should then all be same as detailed.

just check your images/backup folder to see what all the images are, jpg .png whatever and bring them in with that extension.

hope this hepls