Lost entire sites Upgrade 2.0.8 >> 2.0.9 on the way to 2.0.10

On 2 of our sites while trying to upgrade to 2.0.10 were pushed to 1st upgrade to 2.0.9 from 2.0.8 and both the sites are now GONE :frowning: virtually BLANK… we cannot access admin nor frontend… please help…

Why don’t you resoter from backups?

[quote name=‘Raj’]Why don’t you resoter from backups?[/QUOTE]

As mentioned even the admin is blank meaning I cannot even access.

This is what CS-Cart has replied


This problem requires an investigation but unfortunately, your technical support period is expired, so now we cannot render you the assistance free of charge. If you want to continue using our support service, you need to order either support credits or a support period on the “Services” page in your Help Desk account


Instead of fixing the bug they want us to pay…