Looking for VPS or semi-dedicated

I am currently on a shared server with siteground and think it is time to move on since my http cpu usage spikes at times.

I was first looking at sitegrounds semi-dedicated, since they are my current provider.

but when looking closely, i noticed that they say, ten times less accounts and 3 times cpu.

nowhere mentioned how many accounts are the max per server…

I am now looking at a VPS at futurehosting.com

any advice?

Futurehosting is good, but please look at other topics before we start yet another topic with the same input from the same people.

I did look at other topics, wanted feedback from those that are using FH.

Mainly interested in how their tech service is in regards to respond times.

I used to have a VPS and always had problems getting my emails to work properly. The host was responsive, but their responses were pure tech and a bit above my head. I forgot who the host was, but it wasn't FH.

also, those that are using FH, did you have to make any changes to the server to make cs-cart work properly?

How hard is it to transfer a sll?

I am using futurehosting for my site. Support is first rate. Very fast to respond and very helpful.

If you decide to switch to them use the coupon code CSO for a 10% lifetime discount.


A bit expensive, but support is good, and servers run very smooth . http://www.hdwebprovider.com

Thanks, I got me a vps with FH

They take care of transferring everything, files, DB, emails, SSL