Looking for someone to implement my design into CS cart

HI All

First post, I have a design which i want to implement into CS cart, its still in PSD format and unfortunately the developer who I was using is not aware of CS cart and has not got the time to try it out, I have also contacted the cs cart dev team to integrate my design. But if someone in the forum is willing to let me know after looking at the design and giving me a quote also that would be perfect. (Please PM me for full details)

Also the second part im looking for a developer who will be able to integrate a calculator onto the Product page please see link provided you will see on that page a box in lilac where you can calculate the number of sq.meters you require and it calculates the total cost. I can explain more and give examples if someone can seriously can quote me on the cost for both pieces of work which need doing…


I am looking for this to be a bit of a quick solution around 2 weeks…

thanks in advance and look forward to advise or quotes for the work…

Looks like there is no one who wants the job? Think i might just need to go with the CScart Dev team… :frowning: will wait a few more days for some feedback

Sent you a Pm yesterday about the job


Hi John,

Ive emailed you also… thanks



I sent you a private message as well in case you were still looking.