Looking for help with Product Images Coder/Modder needed!

Hey Guys,

I need a bit of help setting up some sort of mod to help out with my product images. Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish:

I sell books with customizable artwork. Each of my products has 4 or more options with several choices each. When the customer chooses the options they want the product image updates to reflect their choices.

You can see an example of my live site here:


You’ll notice that if you choose different options the picture of the child changes accordingly.

In order to acheive this I have to upload a different image for each possible combination. Well, I have a few products in the works that will have tens of thousands of option combinations!

So, instead of loading a separate image for each combination; I’d like to be able to load one image (like a transparrent PNG or GIF file) for each variable that I can then have CS cart load in layers.

So I could have a hair color image, a skin tone image, eye color image etc and then when a customer chooses their options CS cart would grab the appropriate PNG file; layer them together (I would assume by setting the z index variable) and then wala! There would be a nifty product image.

While I have it in my head of how it “should” be able to be done; I have no idea how to make this happen :slight_smile:

So if anyone out there would be willing to help out in this project I would be forever gratefull. I should also note that I am not opposed to spending a few bucks if necessary but as always anything that can be done to keep costs low is appreciated!

Feel free to PM me or reply to this post; my guess is that I’m not the only one using CS cart that would value this feature.

Also, I’m using version 2.07 if that matters.

Thanks in advance,


We tried to get a Product Designer Addon done a long time ago which basically did exactly this, however it was astronomically expensive to the point everyone just canned the project. It’s possible you may be able to take an addon like the AutoMark Addon and modify it to provide this type of functionality using PHP’s GD Imaging Library, it would not be an easy or cheap modification but off the top of my head the basics would be:

{$option_variable == ‘3’}

overlay this image

{elseif $option_variable == ‘4’}

overlay this image

{elseif $option_variable == ‘5’}

overlay this image

{elseif $option_variable == ‘6’}

overlay this image


overlay this image


However with 1000+ possible options this is not the way to go, If I come across any better ideas I’ll let you know - Sno

Thanks for the reply.

Do you know where CS cart defines the variables for the product options?

If you add up the total number of options for each product there might be 20 or 25… say 4 or 5 options with 4 or 5 choices each.

The problem is that the number of possible combinations gets ridiculous, not necessarily the number of options.