I need to do some modifications to my website including Checkout design modification, create a Global Filter by City and State to show products by location selected, put a new image on the 404 error page, modify the user Account design where address are added, fix minor bugs, configure Server and CS Cart system to optimize them.
Another job I need to do is, my store works with % applied to each category or subcategory, so vendors should add to their prices the %. What happen is when a vendor it’s adding a new product they have no idea the % for the subcategory selected, they must go to the Categories section and look for the subcategory to find out the %. I would like to do something more practical and easy for them. Show the % during the creation of new products and when they select the proper Category or Subcategory and also I would need to add it to the Products list before the Price list, that way if they need to modify the price of the product they will be able to know the % they need to apply. At the beginning I had the idea to make that process automatically, but someone told me that is not possible. How I wanted to do it? Once the vendor put the price in the product the system will modify the price automatically using the % applied to the category or subcategory selected by the vendor.

I need to update the CS Cart system and AB Theme, I did try, and it was a mess. My last version is from January 2022 and new updates are critical if are not made correctly.


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