looking for CS-cart consultants

Hello all, I am very interested in switching my store over to cs-cart. I have installed the demo on my server and would love to find a designer and technical consultant within a few hours of my time zone (UTC-8:00) with which to develop an ongoing professional relationship.

Is there a database of people that I have missed? Is anyone here qualified and interested? Feel free to contact me off this forum.

Thanks! Robb

Hi Robb,

I’m on EST (-5GMT) - If you are interested feel free to PM me for more information.

Kindest Regards,

Jesse-Lee Stringer

75 views thus far and only one reply… Does this mean that lots of other people are hoping to find consultants, or nobody other than Jesse-Lee (thanks, JL) works reasonably close to me? I have to admit that it would be nice to talk to somebody when necessary, but perhaps I should be asking if anyone works during typical US Pacific time business hours.

Thanks, Robb

Hi Robb… you’ve got at least two developers in Oregon.

tbirnseth who is a reseller who includes a lot of his own development in his EZ-Merchant Solution packages…


I am in Portland if he’s too busy or if he’s otherwise not a good match for what you want to do.