Looking For A Programmer, Please Read :)

Hello everyone,

We're just starting with Cs-Cart Multi Vendor and are looking for programmer.

What we want: smaller changes to the front/backend. Many small changes to the template, because we want to design it according to our ideas.

For what period: We want to finalize our changes in the next 3 months. Everything is flexible in terms of time. We think it will be all in all about 50 to 100 hours of work in the next 3 months.

Afterwards continuous cooperation: We already operate an online shop, but not with Cs-Cart. So we're looking for a programmer for Cs-Cart for a continuous cooperation, not only for the next threee months.

Communication: We are based in Germany, for cooperation it is not important to us which country you come from. Via mail communication, so no time zone problems

Payment: Hourly wages. We would email the changes and you can tell us the price. We will then transfer in advance.

Payment method: Via Palypal or bank transfer, how you like.

Language: English

Example work: Enclosed a picture. So we would send a change and a lot of such work is about.

Your Skills: Experience in Cs-Cart would be very good. In the later planning of our company, there will also be complex programming. But at the moment it's about small changes. Depending on how well you know Cs-Cart, we can also do the big programming with you or only the small ones. We can discuss this individually.

Please write us a PM with your hourly wages, we look forward to working with you!

Kind regards,

Sören from For-Vegans

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