Looking For A Partner To My Cs-Cart Mv Marketplace

My marketplace is still under development but nearing completion and I am also getting to grips with challenges like the payment gateway, shipping and taxes. I am super-confident about my concept - it is very original, will have great product and I have already put 100s of hours of my time in to it, but I am looking for a partner because I do not have any experience in this industry.

Whilst I have reached the top of my own profession, I am also creative and have lots of time and some money to invest, I would really benefit from partnering with someone who has the experience. To the right person, I would be prepared to offer equity, depending on how much assistance you are able to offer me. If you would like to have a conversation about my marketplace and how we could work together etc then please let me know.

I will wait until you respond before explaining the concept but for now I can just tell you that the 2 marketing companies I spoke to both said I will have no problems getting the buyers if I can first attract the sellers and, since then, through efforts on social media and direct emailing, I have already got more than enough interested vendors for a minimum viable product. Idea Pros are also interested in partnering up but I would rather team up with someone who has more relevant experience.

Let me know if it interests you or kindly pass on this message to someone who might.

Best regards


Hi Rob,

I would be interested in partnering with you if I can be of added value to your prospective business and it would be a suitable match.

I can be emailed privately at shlomodiveroli@gmail.com

Thanks, Shlomo

PS. where are you located?