Looking for a developer

Looking for an experienced developer to custom code an addon.

The modification can be seen on this webpage - [url]http://www.dezignwithaz.com/decorative-wall-stickers-nature/fall-tree-wall-stickers-p-1707.html[/url].

I am looking at the “customize your decal” area right underneath the middle picture. I would like the modification to have the same features, user can select the wall color and then choose the color of the specific elements within the decal. Is this feasible? Would I have to upload a picture of each color combination, or would the addon be able to do it on the fly? I would need to have it done on the fly as it would be too time consuming to create every possible color combination for hundreds of designs.

Please PM me a price, estimated time of completion and references to other projects you have completed. Would like to get started asap.


Yes we do, the beta 2 release of the “Product Designer Addon” will be available at the end of January, beta 1 is available for download and testing now.

Donate to the addon here

Live Demos:

Engraving Example

Monogram Example

I’m aware of that addon and will be purchasing it for other uses, but I don’t think it will complete the task in my first post. For my specific addon, the customer does not upload a picture. It is set by me, but when the user hovers over a color, the specific part of the image is changed to that color to give them a preview of the design.