Looking for a CSCART2 developer/designer

Hi There,

We are after a good CSCART developer to help us with a new project!

Basically we have just brought a business & site, www.thetoyfarm.co.uk selling…erm…adult toys over the 'net * embarrassed face*.

We are looking for a decent (good english speaker please!) designer & developer to help us start the site from scratch. We are looking at moving to version 2.0, and need help implementing the site.

We’ve got a good designer on the team, but he’s not a web designer, so we’ll need help implementing PSD designs into the template.

Please PM me if you can help with the following and fit the required below…

  • Not too high an hourly rate…we are on a budget here :slight_smile:
  • Experienced in PHP/CSCART etc
  • On MSN messenger & sometimes skype
  • Willing to do ad-hoc work for the long term if all works out well
  • Mysql experiance
  • Good at CSS/Design
  • Understanding of SEO

    If you could show a couple of example of work that would help us see that you’ve got the skills 8)